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Enosburg, Vermont June Dairy Days: An Annual Celebration

Enosburg, Vermont June Dairy Days: An Annual Celebration

June is a special month in Vermont, marking the start of summer and the annual celebration of dairy farming. For the Franklin County community, Enosburg's June Dairy Days is the highlight of this season, where we come together to honor our strong dairy heritage and enjoy a weekend full of festivities. From parades to cow-milking contests, there is something for everyone to enjoy. This year's celebration is being held on June 1st through 4th.

The origins of June Dairy Days trace back to 1957, when a group of dairy farmers and residents formed the Enosburg Area Jaycees. Their goal was to promote the benefits of dairy farming and support local farmers. The first June Dairy Days happened in 1958, and it has been a beloved annual tradition in the area ever since.

One of the main attractions of June Dairy Days is the parade that takes place on Saturday morning. Participants range from local businesses and organizations to marching bands and farmers in tractors. All are creatively decorated with various milk and cheese-related themes. The parade also features the crowned Dairy Day Queen and Princess, recognized for their contributions to the community and their knowledge of dairy farming.

Another highlight of June Dairy Days is the cow-milking contest, where local farmers and town residents compete to see who can milk a cow the fastest. The event is a testament to the community's appreciation for agriculture and the importance of dairy in its economy. The contest always draws a large crowd and an enthusiastic audience, cheering on the competitors and enjoying the spectacle.

In addition to the parade and cow-milking contest, June Dairy Days features many other fun activities, such as a carnival, live music, and various food vendors. Attendees can indulge in delicious treats like fresh cheese curds, maple cotton candy, and locally made ice cream. The carnival also offers various rides and games for all ages.

June Dairy Days also provides an opportunity to learn about the history and current state of dairy farming in the area. Displays showcase the evolution of farming tools and equipment, recognizing the advancements in technology and the relevance of farming practices. Educational tours take visitors to local farms to see firsthand the daily operations and meet the farmers. There is also a farmer's market where attendees can purchase fresh milk and other locally grown products.

June Dairy Days is an exciting annual event in Enosburg, Vermont, showcasing the community's rich dairy tradition and love for agriculture. It is a celebration of the hard work and dedication of local farmers and residents, bringing people together to appreciate their shared values and heritage. The event provides fun activities for all ages, educational opportunities, and delicious food. If you haven't already experienced June Dairy Days, we highly recommend it. It's a weekend full of fun and an opportunity to support local businesses and industries. Start your summer off right by joining this celebration of Franklin County's dairy legacy.

Check out a detailed schedule of the weekend's events here. 


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